Mirwais is a French electronic musician, songwriter and producer. He became internationally successful in 2000 with the release of his second solo album “Production”, that included classics electro tracks like “Disco Science”, “Naive Song”, “I Can’t Wait” etc.
Between 2000 and 2006 Mirwais has composed and produced Madonna’s albums “Music”, “American life” and “Confession On the Dancefloor” among others.
He was the composer and guitarist of the french cult band Taxi-Girl in the 80’s.

He’s working on new music to be released soon.

#Disco Science – remixed by Giorgio Moroder #1999.
#Naive Song – 1st Electro track with autotune Fx on Vocals.
#Music – Madonna – Both single and Album reached #1 spot in more than 30 Countries.
#Don’t Tell Me – Madonna – 1st Electro/Folk track
#Nobody’s Perfect – Madonna – 1st Pop track entirely performed with the autotune Fx by a mainstream star.
#Die Another Day – Second best selling James Bond theme ever.
#American Life – Madonna #1 Album entirely produced by Mirwais.
#Confession On the Dancefloor – Madonna – #1 Album partly produced by Mirwais.
#Get It Right – Y.A.S. – 1st Electro/Pop Album entirely performed in Arabic language #2010.
#ADD/SUV – Uffie Feat. Pharell Williams.
#Cherchez Le Garçon – Taxi-Girl – Cult Rock Band. Classic synth-pop track.